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Tayo, the Little Bus

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Tayo the little bus

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In the United States and Canada, Hulu is the exclusive distributor of the series, [3] though the second and third seasons are on Netflix. Each episode in the start, middle, and end features a brief narration and it has 5 seasons. Titipo focuses on the titular character named Titipo, a young passenger train the show is named after along with all his train friends.

After the end of Titipo's first season, Tayo's fifth season premiered for English speaking audiences on October 22, Titipo the little train returns on Korean channel for the second season. Titipo's second season is set to premiere for English speaking audiences in Rogi hears about Frank and Alice who are stressed out because of prank calls, and vows to catch the culprit.

He sets out as a self-appointed detective with Gani. The only lead is that the culprit has a deep male voice. With that clue, Rogi and Gani try to find the culprit. Joey the magician is having a "Joy's Magic Circus Show" with the world-renowned circus cars but it looks like the circus master can't make to the show anymore. Poco, Billy, Max and Chris are bored of their daily routine of work at the construction site.

Poco receives a flower seed as a gift from a girl that he helped. He does not take the tiny seed seriously at first but soon gets amazed of the growing sprout and becomes very fond of it. Citu and Hana go away for a day to participate in their volunteer activities.

The little buses got excited because they thought there would be no one to tell them what to do! So, they could decide to stay up late and become even more excited when they learn that there will be a meteor shower and shooting stars that very night.

Little buses invited all of their bus and car friends to the bus garage to see a meteor shower and play all night long! The little buses realize that Hana continues to work without any breaks because of endless cars that need repair.

Diesel makes fun of Titipo for making a mistake on his first day of operation. When Titipo says that no train does great at the beginning, Diesel brags that he was perfect from the very beginning. Xingxing, who's always busy takes passengers, doesn't have lots of friends in the station. So Titipo thinks that he can help her out to get along well with friends and make new friends.

Booba visits the little buses at the garage to spend his vacation. As he wishes to spend his vacation as relaxed time, little buses insist to take him to amusement park. Trammy wishes that she could have wheels like other buses. Then she could hang out with them all the time!

But she's a tram so that wouldn't happen, right? The series features seven main characters. At a Vietnamese seminar for addressing the struggles of the Vietnamese animation industry, Korean animators named Tayo the Little Bus as a series that has been "dominating" the Korean market. These animators also noted that the series is popular in China, Thailand, and Vietnam. In , the Seoul Metropolitan Government commissioned buses designed as the characters Tayo, Gani, Rogi, and Lani, to run around the Gwanghwamun Square area of the city.

This was done as part of an initiative to teach children how to use the bus. The initiative was a massive success, drawing crowds of over 40, in a single day.

People from all across the country came to see the buses. Although the buses were originally set to run from March 26 until Public Transport Day at the end of April, their popularity led to an extension until Children's Day on May 5. The number of buses was also expanded from the original four to In wake of this success, it was reported that the local governments of other cities in South Korea were considering adopting the campaign.

Jaeyeon Woo of The Wall Street Journal' s blog Korea Real Time, speculated in an April article that the success of this initiative led both of Gyeonggi Province 's gubernatorial candidates, Kim Sang-gon and Nam Kyung-pil, to adopt public transportation issues as a key part of their campaign platforms.

Seoul-mayor Park Won-soon , who began the initiative, has been criticized by some of his political rivals, who feel that he took credit for the series, even though the series was begun by his predecessor's administration. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Korea Real Time. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved 3 November Retrieved 4 November Government of South Korea. The Kyunghyang Shinmun. Lee 18 October The Korea Bizwire. Categories : South Korean television series debuts South Korean children's television programmes Korean-language television programs English-language television programs Television programs featuring anthropomorphic characters Computer-animated television series.

Hidden categories: Use dmy dates from August Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references Articles containing Korean-language text Episode list using the default LineColor All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Commons category link is on Wikidata Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Children Comedy Animation. Korean English dubbed. Educational Broadcasting System. Official website. Production website. Tayo is nervous as he goes to take the city bus license exam. He overcomes his nervousness with Nuri the taxi's moral support and passes the exam with flying colors.

He follows a double-decker bus Cito to his new home, the garage. Tayo meets Speedy on the way, who lures him into a race on the riverside road.

Speedy ends up having an accident and gets towed away. The police, Pat and Rookie, let Tayo off with a warning and he follows Cito back home. Tayo receives a warm welcome from all the buses at the garage and spends a happy first night in his new home.

Cito gives Tayo a tour of the garage. From the repair shop to the car wash to the training center, Tayo finds everything fascinating and fun. Tayo is left by himself when Cito and Rogi go off to work. Curious about the city, Tayo leaves the garage but ends up getting lost. The buses set out on a search for Tayo but to no avail. In the end, Tayo is reunited with his friends thanks to Rookie and Pat and safely returns home.

Tayo is chosen as the substitute when a bus breaks down, and he makes mistake after mistake, becoming discouraged, though Lani encourages him. Tayo can't wait to start working. Cito notices his earnestness and suggests Rogi take Tayo along to work. However, Tayo keeps getting distracted and gets Rogi in trouble.

To make things worse, Rogi breaks down and becomes immobilized. Tayo offers to help Rogi finish his rounds by hauling him. Although uneasy, Rogi decides to trust Tayo and lets him take the lead. The two help each other out to finish the rounds and become the best of friends. Rogi's scary story about the Legendary Ghost Car causes Lani to have a nightmare and become scared of the dark. She mistakes Big for the legendary vehicle while passing through a dark tunnel the next day.

Luckily, the misunderstanding is quickly sorted out and the two safely leave the tunnel. And when Lani returns to the garage, Rogi and Tayo confess to her that the story is not real.

Although Lani gets angry, she brightens up after seeing the shadow play that Tayo and Rogi prepare for her. She is no longer scared of the dark. Cito the tour bus is hard at work as always, driving tourists around. Curious about whether the young buses are doing well, he checks up on them whenever he can. Cito spends a busy day helping the buses: Lani, who couldn't change lanes because of other cars; Big, who was stuck in a road under construction; Rogi, who was helping Big out; and Tayo, who was put in danger because of an old truck.

It's a tiring day for Cito, but the thanks he receives from the young buses makes it all worthwhile. Tayo and Rogi have a fight about who's going to wash first and they leave for work without making up.

Meanwhile, a new truck causes a severe traffic jam when he drops the chickens he was transporting on a street downtown. Tayo and Rogi feel awkward when they get stuck in traffic next to each other.

They both want to make up, but don't have the courage to do so. All of a sudden, a chicken appears before them.

Tayo Opening Theme Song l Learn Colors Red l Red Color Pink l Pink Song l Tayo the Little Bus, time: 1:47
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Re: tayo the little bus

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Photo Gallery. Herb instructs Diesel to tago Loco, the just click for source freight car, to do his work well. They follow Gani's suggestion of switching rounds and the three do their best on each others' routes. It is a holiday! Heart wants to grow bigger since she's the some of smaller cars in http://slotfree.online/gambling-near/gambling-near-me-physician-list-1.php.

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Re: tayo the little bus

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Unfortunately, Gani turns out to be awkward at everything. Joy used to be very famous but it sounded like he's having a boring day. They follow Gani's suggestion of switching rounds and the three do their best on each others' routes.

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Re: tayo the little bus

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Will a fantastic pair stay together? In wake of this success, it was reported that the local governments of other cities in South Korea were considering adopting http://slotfree.online/gambling-card-games/gambling-card-games-itchy-skin.php campaign. Will she make good friends?

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Re: tayo the little bus

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The best heavy vehicles. Rubby's vacuum pump breaks down while sweeping up the junk that Rogi has collected. Back in the repair shop, Gani receives a shot of engine cleaning fluid and promises Hana that he will not run away from shots.

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Re: tayo the little bus

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Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations with Common Sense Media Plus. Tayo decides to take tayl in the talent show on the annual Bus Day festival. Everyone realizes that heavy machinery is coolest when cooperating with each other. Peanut, the new member at the garage, enthusiastically prepares for his first day of work and everyone expects a great job from him based on his outstanding driving skills when he practiced. Titipo meets Manny, the freight train, who is new go here Train Village.

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