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Gambling anime refrigerator ideas

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Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Spoilers are unmarked. The theme sequence being made to parody typical cop show intros has been pointed out elsewhere, but it can be easy to miss the first time around: Hard-ass cop interrogating a perp: Jake, the manchild, interrogates a toy policeman.

Played straight later when he actually manages to catch those in the Justice force commiting criminal acts. Ruthless cop shooting a gun: Amy, a very sweet cop, miming shooting a gun with her fingers.

Heroic cop getting shot: Charles, who is very meek, banging his head on a counter. This is played straight later, however, in that Charles does actually get shot in the series. Crooked cop beating a confession out of a suspect: Rosa, a good cop, beating up her computer monitor Rude, insubordinate cop yelling at the higher-ups: Terry, who is very polite and respectful, arguing with his wife over getting an SUV Criminal putting their hands up while being arrested: Gina, who works at the precinct, with her hands in the air dancing Holt's is the only one played straight - the stern captain giving a stern look to one of his detectives Two heroes waking up and getting ready for action: Hitchcock and Scully being caught taking a scheduled nap.

The reason Jake believes so many completely illogical things, especially about women? He grew up with Gina. Jake: Do you carry a hair dryer in your purse? Captain Holt's assessment of Santiago's toast in "Thanksgiving" can essentially be read as his veiled assessment of her as a detective and a person, delivered in a typically subtle and understated fashion: "It's very well-written.

There are several compelling anecdotes. I marked them 'awk' for 'awkward'. In summary, he's basically telling her that she's a good cop, she does her job well, but she just needs to relax, have more confidence in herself and to not fixate on seeking his approval all the time.

In Season 4, Holt admits to having been secretly mentoring Amy the whole time. This critique retroactively ends up serving as proof of that reveal.

The first lines of the series is Jake jokingly reciting a speech from Donnie Brasco, about an FBI agent who goes undercover to infiltrate a mob family. The first season ends with Jake going undercover to infiltrate a mob family.

In the pilot, Holt's pride flag can be seen poking out of a box right after Gina observes that she got a gay vibe from the new Captain. In the Halloween episode, Jake claims that he convinced his colleagues to help him with the heist by offering to do all their paper work.

Amy agrees, even though it is established in many episodes that she loves paperwork. Why would she decide to help Jake? Because she liked him. He explains it's because of the history of the watch; but this takes a brand new light in Bad Beat when he panicks as Jake and Terry threaten to tell Kevin about his relapse in his gambling addiction.

Also from Halloween II , one of the things that Jake and later Boyle mentions that the lesson for Holt to learn from Halloween of last year is not to underestimate people. Now, Jake naturally doesn't underestimate Captain Holt.

But, when Holt gains assistance from the rest of the squad, who does he use that Jake doesn't the previous year, that end up playing a pivotal role in the plan? Hitchcock and Scully, the two detectives regarded as idiots for, at that point, the entire show! Holt found out Hitchcock and Scully's hidden strengths even before Amy did the following year. Building on this, who exactly are Hitchcock and Scully used to separate?

Jake and Charles, the latter of whom, last year, tried to tell Holt that Jake "wasn't the only one [he] underestimated". Looks like Charles ended up handing Holt the instrument of his own destruction! What better time for a Bottle Episode combined with a Beach Episode , that is also justified in universe by an annual tradition of the 99th Precinct? It seems weird that Jenny Gildenhorn the girl that dumped Jake at his bar mitzvah would be at the Boyle-Linetti wedding It's likely that Gina knew Jenny, or at least knew of her, and it's not too much of a stretch that Gina's mom and Jenny's mom might have been familiar with each other by extension, since Gina and Jake are implied to have had more or less the same social circle growing up.

Suddenly it's not that odd that Gina or Gina's mom may have invited her. Cerberus is a three-headed dog. Holt called Wuntch a bitch. At the end of Beach House , Jake quoted Holt's words: "Any smile that lasts longer than a second and a half is a con-man's ruse.

In "New Captain", Amy and Jake get four kamikaze shots each while on an awkward date. Cut to the two of them in bed together. Three words: Four-drink Amy. Ray mond Ja cob Holt winds up as the man inside the bird costume. Dozerman's apparent prostitute habit revealed in "The Funeral" sheds some new light on why he ran everything on a minute timer. You don't want to get charged for the extra hour.

In "House Mouses", Amy irritates both Gina and Rosa with her slightly Granola Girl "female empowerment" preaching about how facing their fears will make them stronger women in the long haul. Thing is, Amy actually manages to deal with her fear slightly better than the other two; she manages to withstand almost 45 minutes in the trunk of a car albeit clearly being the worse-for-wear and a teeny bit unstable afterwards , whereas Gina can only stand 17 minutes in the company of business-people, and Rosa doesn't even manage to give blood without having to "psyche herself up" i.

It appears that Amy's lecturing wasn't entirely off-mark Charles's obsession with getting Jake and Amy to have a baby together in Season 3 - despite the fact that they've only been dating for less than a year and neither has ever seriously mentioned wanting a family - seems at first like an attempt to get in a few Lampshade Hanging jokes on the subject of Melissa Fumero's pregnancy , and feels like a typically weird Shipper on Deck thing for Charles to do.

But it's also mentioned a few times and even becomes a sub-plot in one episode that Charles and his new girlfriend are trying to get pregnant via IVF right away. When Amy goes undercover as a pregnant woman in "Maximum Security", Charles takes his "hints" that she and Jake should start a family Up to Eleven , making them both quite uncomfortable - but later in the episode, Charles offhandedly mentions that he and his partner are still undergoing IVF and that "it's all they talk about" now.

Later in the episode he actually admits he's transferring, though he claims it's because he wants to be Jake and Amy's kid; but at this point it's not hard to read the real subtext on this one. In "Cheddar", Jake convinces tells Amy that if they were separated for months like Holt and Kevin, he would be "very sad".

In the first episode of season 4, Jake is in witness protection due to a death threat and hasn't seen Amy for six months- and he's utterly miserable. A couple episodes later in "The Cruise," he says that he's incapable of growing a mustache.

This seems contradictory until you remember that in Home Alone , Kevin is eight and his "shaving" is just using aftershave. He never actually shaves, but the naturally smooth-faced Jake never realizes that. In "Karen Peralta", the titular character believes that her son became a cop because he spent most of his childhood trying to protect her from her ex-husband's indifference to their family and, as a result, developed a desire to protect people.

Jake disagrees; he became a cop because of Die Hard. Both are true, though: Die Hard is about a cop who faces a group of terrorists alone and practically unarmed in order to protect not just the hostages, but his wife.

To Jake , John McClane must have seemed like the ultimate hero and role model. Why does Rosa rush head first in her relationship with Andrian? By her own admission, breaking up with Marcus made her fear she would never be ready to settle down and start a family. She was probably trying to prove to herself that she could make a serious relationship work. That gorgeous young hunk that Marshal Haas took up with the same episode she was captured by Figgis?

He already knew where Jake and Holt were, he just needed to get the Marshal out of the way. When Jake, Gina and Pimento go to find Pimento's grandma's earrings, Gina and Pimento constantly talk about signs from the universe - something that drives Jake insane, until he eventually snaps and yells "I'm so sick of signs" and shouts "suck it, universe!

This seems like a bit of unintentional irony, except the promo was for the run of episodes including the episode where Terry gets racially profiled. All the more senior officers wear multiple decorations on their uniforms, including almost all of the precinct's various captains: Holt, Dozerman and even Pembroke, the Vulture. This makes sense, because even for Dozerman's and the Vulture's terrible flaws as people, they're still brave cops who have put themselves in harm's way and given some kind of service to the NYPD.

Captain Stentley is the only one who doesn't wear decorations, because he doesn't have any. The earliest one comes when Jake appears out of nowhere and says, "I can't find anything and I don't know what to do, Title of your Sex Tape! It's established in Season 1 that Charles, unlike everyone else in the precinct, just doesn't get sexual connotations or why they're uncomfortable for a lot of people he simplifies Save the Date to STDs on his wedding invitations , so it would make sense that he'd just think Jake says the line about anything.

Many of Jake's lines or actions in "HalloVeen" — bragging that planning for the Halloween heist got him through his prison stay, telling Charles "This year's heist is way too important" while handcuffing Boyle — take on a different, more serious meaning with The Reveal that Jake was using the heist to set up his marriage proposal for Amy.

If you watch closely, when he and Amy are in the evidence lockup room at the end and Amy figures out which box has the belt, Jake looks upset but is actually struggling to hide a smile. At first, Jake's army of Handmaids listening to Amy when she commands them to stop seems to just be her being intimidating, but it actually makes a lot more sense when it turns out this is all an attempt at a marriage proposal, with the intention of Amy becoming Jake's future wife. And, seeing as in the book itself, Handmaids are taught to be subservient to Wives.

Furthermore, Jake himself takes a role as one of the Handmaids; he's essentially pledging devotion to Amy. Amy is both a Wife and a Commander, since she outranks Jake at this point something Jake is lovingly supportive of.

Given Jake's feminist and Casual Kink tendencies, he's probably not too bothered by having Amy as his superior in contexts outside of work. Also, Amy does a lot of bragging about how she's always one step ahead of Jake and can read him like a book, thus rendering his attempts to confound her pointless. Which becomes much funnier when you realise that he's actually not trying to confound her, and in fact wants her to be the one to find the Championship Cummerbund.

Jake is relatively unfazed by the trash talk of his competitors, except when Amy calls him "boring", which visibly hurts him. He may have been remembering why Amy and Teddy had broken up, him being boring. Finally, there's him being flustered when he enters the evidence room and sees Amy there. It seems like an obvious "this wasn't part of the plan" reaction, but Jake, at this point, is at the event horizon of his plan - there's no turning back now, and there's only one variable in play: whether or not Amy will notice the dust pattern on the box that hides the Cummerbund.

In "The Box", Jake compares Davidson to Great Tiger , with the latter noting he could "beat him every time - You just punch him when he gets dizzy". More specifically, you have to block his special punch five times to get him dizzy. Jake pushes Davidson to blurt out what actually happened and by extension confess to the murder by purposely getting at least five details about murder wrong - the murder weapon, the choice behind the location, scheduling to be in sync with his colleague's timetable and whether he chose not to bring his phone, knowing about the cabin's location - and behind all this of course that he was 'lucky' and not having deliberately planned it at all.

In the same episode, Holt launches into an angry tirade about Doctorates vs medical practitioners. What set him off? A comment about college professors not being real doctors. College professors like Kevin Cozner. He was standing up for his husband. Jake guesses that the opera Holt is seeing is "the one Bugs Bunny did" Ride of the Valkyries because Holt used it when announcing the Halloween Heist the year before.

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Re: gambling anime refrigerator ideas

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And, seeing as in the book itself, Handmaids are taught to be subservient to Anim. When Kimimaro accepts the money, he becomes an "Entre" [d] short for "entrepreneur" learn more here is drawn into the alternative reality of the Financial District, [e] where Entres make transactions using a special currency called Midas Money. Played straight later when he actually manages to catch those in the Justice force commiting criminal acts.

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Re: gambling anime refrigerator ideas

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She was probably trying to prove to herself that she could make a serious relationship work. Because she liked him. One of the critics' main concerns was that the story was inconclusive and that some plot elements were not fully worked. Awkward, Charles can be when talking about families and babies and vambling like. The reason Jake believes so many completely illogical things, article source about women?

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Re: gambling anime refrigerator ideas

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Allcinema in Japanese. Kimimaro's objectives in life were interpreted as representing those of an average 21st-century person. Pivot TV. And, seeing as in the book itself, Handmaids are taught to be subservient to Wives.

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