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Postby Togore В» 05.02.2019


Today if parents hauled a kid in the back of a pickup, they would be brought up before the Cruelty to Earth and Children Foundation and fined, reprimanded and probably sent to jail. At the tender age of nine, I can remember heading outside early in the morning and riding my bike several miles to the Duncan Park golf course and hanging out all day by myself.

I would hunt for golf balls, sell them and buy lunch at the public pool and more or less hang around all day. I might play golf all day walking not riding ; I might stay in the woods building army forts or stay just inside the woods edge and harasses golfers by yelling in their backswing. I can remember arranging my busy schedule so I could be in the kitchen when Mom was going to make cookies. Raw cookie dough was a super special treat.

Today the food police would surround your house like a SWAT team if someone thought you were feeding your kids raw cookie dough with real sugar and butter in it. If you watch the news and keep up with current trends, then you realize it is only a matter of time before even slightly overweight people are going to be banned from all kinds of things or at least punished for the added poundage.

Airlines want to charge more even if you fit into one seat as well as the next person. A town in California was trying to pass an ordinance that would make it against the law for an overweight person to purchase fast food.

But who are these people that are trying to tell us what we can eat, how much we should weight and how to raise our kids? Thank God I was not raised by those types, but sadly that is where our nation is heading. How many people that you hunt with spend more time getting the food for camp ready than their gear? Recipes handed down for generations on how to prepare seafood gumbo, hunting camp stew, duck breast, venison roast, pies, cakes, cheesy potatoes and baked beans become as cherished as your favorite shotgun or bow.

At least half the tall tales from hunting camp will be about the food. There are many common threads intertwined in these camps, cooks and tales but the one constant is good people.

I think that food prepared with so many smiles and laughs, so much care and pride cannot possibly be bad for you. By now you may have picked up on the fact that I love food - good food anyway.

I have my doubts. Somehow they seemed to know what was worth worrying about and what was not. Life was slower then and food may have been high in fat grams, but it was also loaded with love.

The weather was cold to say the least, minus 2 degrees, snow on the ground and the critters were laid up waiting for better conditions. All of us hunted each day, but the cold temps and lack of animal sightings were beginning to take its toll on some of the hunters. The outfitter was doing his best to keep camp as upbeat as he could, but a couple of the guys were getting impatient and grumpy.

One night the meal was not to their liking and some rather rude comments were thrown out at the table. I was not exactly shoveling down the unidentified casserole thing that was served up but was thankful for the meal and finished what was on my plate. After more grumbling that night, I decided to pass on the morning hunt and four wheel drive it to town and replenish the cupboard. I found the basics for a good southern pantry: bologna, cheese, butter, eggs, white bread, bacon and salt and was back in camp by lunch.

I whipped up some fried bologna sandwiches that weighed in at about two pounds each, fried some potatoes, made some sweet tea and before long the grumpy hunters were smiling like a Dale Jr. It was as much about me fixing the food and picking at those guys about being Yankees and not knowing how to cook as it was the food. Now did fried bologna help any of our waistlines or cholesterol? Not all camp food is good but almost always it generates great story fodder. One of the most memorable meals I can recall was certainly one of the worst, but the smell and sight of that meal is etched in my mind.

I was in Colorado in with several pals from my hometown. We drove to our dream hunt in two Broncos that should never have crossed the Mississippi yet alone less Grants Pass, but we made it.

We had a local fellow lined up to rent us a cabin and show us where to start our hunt for record class mule deer or barely legal bucks, whichever showed up first. The local fellow met us at the cabin and declared he was going to do a little cooking for us while we were there.

Sounded great to me, until later that night when he delivered a huge bowl of something to the table. I can only describe it as chicken goulash. It had at least one chicken or some type of poultry in it, boiled until the bones fractured and split apart, green peas, string beans, corn, some type of cubed dough stuff and beets. As terrible as that sounds, the sight was way more appealing than the smell. It was kind of a chemical scent with a tainted meat overtone. To this day, I can still smell that bowl like it is right in front of me.

And let me tell you, the stirring with spoons and moving food around the plate maneuvers were nothing short of unbelievable. I saw one of my buddies put his entire portion of chicken goulash in the side pocket of his brand new Browning jacket. Looking back, that meal provided more laughs and memories than anything else on the trip by far.

Was it great food? It was terrible. Whether food is a big deal to you or not, surely some of your fondest memories revolve around hunting camp concoctions that stick in your mind as well as to your ribs.

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Re: buy a game mossy road

Postby Tekazahn В» 05.02.2019

Back About Our Story. One of the most memorable meals I can rozd was certainly one of the worst, but the smell and sight of that meal is etched in my mind. Back Camouflage Break-Up Country. Sign up to receive content updates, promotions, and the latest gear. Reduced

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Re: buy a game mossy road

Postby JoJojin В» 05.02.2019

Wondering if you're overpaying for electricity at your current home? The weather was cold to say the least, minus 2 degrees, snow on the ground and the critters biy laid up waiting for better conditions. Mossy Oak Properties. They say the caller told them she woke up to heat in her bedroom and noticed a small fire had started in her room.

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Re: buy a game mossy road

Postby Akilmaran В» 05.02.2019

I think see more food prepared with so many smiles and laughs, so much care and pride x possibly be bad for you. March 20, If you need immediate assistance, please contact HAR. Copyright WJHG. Was it great food?

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